Projects Done As PCS Creative Services

Formal letters of recommendation provided by clients of PCS Creative Services, LLC

When I announced my last day at my previous last job to my clients, I received an overwhelming outpouring of thanks and appreciation. It was both humbling and gratifying to know that I had made such a difference. I loved my work and the people that I worked with. I want to share some of those messages as well as the formal letters of recommendation that I received.
Because I believe in providing concrete examples of my work, I have converted these into PDF files, run OCR text recognition on several of them, and added tags for accessibility.

VHA/OIA Contract: Letters of Recommendation

Thank You Notes and Kudos

These are more informal communications, but I find it helpful to see real interactions between people. Seeing things “in their own words” can be powerful stuff. It is especially nice when people send unexpected notes of appreciation to your boss telling her how great you are. I had such amazing support from my clients. These are copies of email messages I converted to PDF, but I haven’t done any tagging on these yet (I wanted to get this posted ASAP so I could start sending out resumes!). I have redacted some contact information in the files for the privacy of the writers, but I can certainly arrange to provide that information as needed. I have been part of the governance area for a long time, privacy and security are heavily ingrained by now.

Here are a few communications regarding collaboration projects, past work, and examples of where I provided expertise to other teams.