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Custom project bids available and preferred. I love WordPress with Divi, but I can do other options too.
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 Add-on Options:

+Video walk through explaining how to add blogs, how to manage users, and how to keep your site updated through the WordPress administration dashboard

+Add security certificate to existing site (go from http to https for better search results). I make sure you don’t have mixed case problems.

+Set up custom login with branding and custom link (great for membership sites and extra login protection from bots)

+User and/or Admin written how-to guide: PDF document with screen captures and options specific to your website

+Monthly Maintenance Plans – Basic includes Updraft backup service; Advanced includes Shortpixel image optimization

+Add keywords and page snippets to SEO plugin and ensure titles, headings, and images include keywords

+Set up Google local listing (MyBusiness) options for increased business visibility (add address, hours, business logo and photos)

+Create blog posts on a regular basis with content ideas, relevant feature image and industry targeted info

+Email Marketing Services: List migration, newsletters, template setup (Constant Contact or MailPoet)

+Fully searchable PDF documents, accessible scanned image to text conversion and tagging of PDF files for section 508 compliance

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