PCS Creative Services, LLC does Small Business Web Design. But that is just the “tip of our iceberg.” We understand how to create effective, targeted Web content.
We know how confused and downright intimidated new business owners are when they face a blank canvas and need to figure out what to put on it. Hosting? Social Media? Graphics? Metrics? SEO? Logos? Branding? Mobile? ahhhhhhhh!
I will be patient during your learning process, 1 person helping another up a tough climbThere are many things to consider and unless you are in the design business yourself, you probably have no idea where to start. I run a small business; we want value from our design dollars. We can’t afford to pay for a large and complicated project team. This is where I will save you time and frustration. If you want to work with one person, who will take your project from idea to finished website, I am your solution. If you have a high-profile ad-agency budget and want to be the next marketing sensation, I am not the right fit.
I will save you time and money. I will keep things uncomplicated. I will provide a variety of high-quality Web content options– web pages, graphics, web-friendly brochures and more.

How I will help you:

I will be your online advocate, your problem solver, and your navigator to help you start a new website, or improve an existing website. I am your project manager, your designer, your content creator, and your sounding-board. I have decades of experience in business processes, managing projects, effective communications, and design. Not all designers are created equally. I promise you, I am not one of the flaky tech-geeks we’ve all heard horror stories about. I will give your project high priority and get you online fast, which may not be true of a helpful family member or friend who knows “a little bit” about websites.
Building a business website is not something that just anyone should do. Can your 12 year old nephew code a website for you? Possibly. Should you trust your brand, your unique identity and your connection to your potential customers to him? Absolutely not!
Let me help you define goals for your online sites, identify key elements of your audience, create irresistible calls to action, set up tools to measure your return on investment, and get a site online quickly and efficiently. Let me make sure your site uses alternative text, your PDF files can be read by screen readers, and you can measure site visits. Little details like these are rarely included by do-it-yourself website builders, but they are critical components to the effective use of online content.

Why you should let me design your small business website:

You are a busy person. You want to focus on doing what you do best.
The saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” I am a professional, and you will be paying the rate for a professional’s services. There are cheaper designers out there, but I can promise you most of them won’t have the breadth of experience I bring to your project.  Many of them won’t be willing to take your project through all of the stages of completion. They will expect you to have all of your content and all of your graphics and just have them put the content together. I work quickly and I work hard.
If you are like most people, you don’t have a clear picture of what you want or need until you’ve seen a few examples. I have worked with many people to help them define and then refine their ideas. I’ve built graphics for them from a sketch on a napkin. I’ve taken complex business plans and pulled out key information to write effective page content.
You will be paying for my many years of expertise. You won’t be paying for a lot of overhead. I am a lean, mean, one-woman-web-design machine. Most of all, I will be patient during your learning process.

For a job history and a skills summary visit my LinkedIn Profile page.