Now I Build WordPress Sites With Divi

Back when I first started my Web Design business, I was coming from a background of some strange content management systems, the early days of businesses even having a website, and doing a lot of work by hand. At the time I first got started with websites, the options for designing were slim and primitive. These were the days of FrontPage by Microsoft, SharePoint, and Dreamweaver. None were friendly, and as far as design went, your options were very limited. I was comfortable using Dreamweaver and thought I’d do all of my sites as custom coded sites. But over and over again my clients asked me to create sites in WordPress. They had high hopes of writing blogs and managing their own content updates. No one really wanted a fully custom HTML site. So reality hit and I knew I had to switch to WordPress.

Themes, themes and more themes later…

So here I was, coming from a background where I could touch and tweak and modify my web page code to my heart’s content. I was most comfortable looking at source code and HTML tags. WordPress themes drove me crazy with how little access I had to the building blocks of the pages. Free themes were even more limited, but the theme marketplace was frustrating because of the need to keep buying a theme over and over again to keep it up to date for the life of the website.
I did a lot of searching for the right mix of design freedom and future updates-proof options. That is when I found Divi and the lifetime membership option. I signed up for a lifetime membership with unlimited use of the theme on client sites and I’ve never regretted it. It was the best thing I’ve done for my business and for my future clients!

I still have clients that bring me in to fix existing websites and who use different themes. So often those themes are out of date, or not available to buy anymore. I convert them into Divi and from that point forward, they get access to the latest version of the Divi theme at no added cost. I love Elegant Themes for giving me the option of that one time investment that future-proofed my designs. I love them even more for their commitment to making improvements to the Divi theme all the time.


So when you sign up with me to design, or re-design, your website, you get an innovative and ever improving premium theme that stays up-to-date with WordPress changes and web design improvements through my lifetime license. Pretty sweet, right?!

add alt text to images to get the most out of yoast
add alt text to images to get the most out of yoast