Idea 1 add some text and change out your buttons in your hero section
idea 2 menu changes are ways to ask for help
make large buttons or graphics to really make it stand out

Today I wanted to post a quick article and screen shots to show you a few ideas for ways you could update your website when you need to post status updates and changes that are urgent but temporary. If your header/hero section has room for updates or changes, or even if it doesn’t, now is a good time to use your website to share news and ask for help.

It can be as simple as adding a link to your navigation menu, adding a secondary menu, creating a button, adding a Call to Action, or putting some text into a header section. There are many ways you can link people to more information, gift cards, and specific news posts on your website. Additionally, you can quickly make a COVID 19 specific post for your Google MyBusiness listing for search results, then link that back to your website.

Many businesses are closed right now due to COVID 19, but they are trying to stay in business, plan to return, and need to ask for assistance from their customers. Now more than ever, it is important to share status updates, stay top of mind, and reassure our customers that we are doing our best to stay open and plan for the future. Communicate via all of the many channels you have available right now.

We need to find ways to think outside the box, but make sure they are sustainable and realistic. No one is going to launch a massive online store without investing in some packaging, shipping, and inventory management systems. Make sure you can meet expectations, fulfil orders, and provide customer service at the highest level possible in challenging circumstances. Don’t over commit and underdeliver.

Maybe Start or Expand a Side Gig?

I am still working on websites and other normal projects, but I have the ability to expand my Email Marketing services if that becomes a need.

Square has easy egift card options