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Stock Photography

Deposit Photos is a stock photography site, similar to several out there. However, they have some great deals at times and I really like their infographic templates and flat vector illustrations for technology topics. Sign up here via my referral link:

I appreciate your support in buying great products through these links. If you ever have a bad experience with any of these companies, please let me know. It is important to me that I only recommend and represent great companies.

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In this book, a truly remarkable business guru talks about the importance of passion and purpose guiding start ups, not money. Those that succeed are in business for the right reasons. This helped me make better decisions when I decided to take the leap into starting my own business.

Google+ is a great social sharing site that is still not used as much as it should be. This book will help you adopt and get the most out of your own G+ site, which will benefit your search results and connections.

Guy Kawasaki is one of the names that comes up most often when people talk about Social Media experts. The advice in this book will help you make sure your time spent on social media is not wasted. There is an art to doing it right and a joy to be found in making social media work for you.

Last, but not least, I love Amazon Prime. If you buy a lot through Amazon, the membership fee more than pays for itself.
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Dreamhost Web Hosting

I started using Dreamhost several years ago for my blog. I kept using them because they have that combination of geek joy and dedication to their customers that resonates with me. They don’t piecemeal their account offerings or spam you with up-sale offers either. Their account types are straightforward and affordable.

Dreamhost web hosting


I love how this company handled a major upgrade of their platform and how responsive they are to user feedback. They also provide a platform for increasing the visibility of webinars created by their customers via their Webinar Finder. Their site is easy to use as a webinar creator, and easy for attendees too. “WebinarNinja easily allows you to host, share and attend webinars with no worries. Get started today and create your first webinar in 10 seconds.”
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Be a Better Presenter

The overall advice in this book is great, but I love it because of the extra help with presenting on more technical topics. Be more engaging and interesting.

A friend recommended this book several years ago because it taught her strategies to keep her cool when dealing with difficult people during tense work confrontations. I found it valuable in helping me learn to be more objective and avoid making assumptions in many aspects of my life.

Training Seminars

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